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This iTunes subscription is ideal for single users for their own business, contract jobs, and recreation.

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This iTunes subscription works best with multiple users or small businesses collaborating on projects.

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APEX built for a lot of users with in a small, medium, or large business. Distributed via Apple/B2B.

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Asset Identification Systems

Use Cases:


Land Management and Information

Use Cases:


Project Documentation and Compliance

Sample Use Cases:


Data Gathering and Collection

Sample Use Cases:


APEX Use Cases

Wolf-GIS APEX is not limited to any specific use, job, or career.

If you have a task that needs to be filled through mobile GIS, APEX can help you accomplish it.

Power Lines Photo

Asset Identification Systems

Users can capture a current geo-location (latitude, longitude) of a given asset on a user-selectable base map. Users can attach time-stamped data, notes, images, and related information for any specific geo-location.

Create and easily share a digital, geo-located database for managing accountable assets. Record the precise geo-location of - roads, equipment, bridges, easements, culverts, conduits, signage, manholes, fire hydrants, utility poles, storm shelters, water sources, private roads, etc. Display and easily locate any asset with only a few taps.

Use cases

Land Management Photo

Land Management and Information

The easy-to-use tools allow property managers to capture relative data about any parcel of property. Users can record property improvements, provide a visual reference map for a given property’s master plan, and share those plans with others.

Users can capture time stamped, relevant data to record property features. Record and measure roads, trails, streams, ponds, structures, improvement projects, protected areas, and other notable data (tree plantings, fertilization schedules, rainfall data, etc.)

Use cases

Project Documentation Photo

Project Documentation and Compliance

Wolf-GIS APEX provides users the tools they need to adequately record and legally document their actions related to individual projects or ongoing programs. The capture of specific, time-stamped, location-based intelligence (images, notations) provides necessary documentation to satisfy related compliance requirements.

Better documentation leads to improved regulatory compliance and reduced liabilities. Track progress of projects with before and now pictures for personal use or share with other employees and partners.

Use cases

Data Gathering Photo

Data Gathering and Collection

Data files are easily imported, exported, or shared among groups using our secure cloud repository within Wolf-Tek’s datacenter. Create and distribute standardized forms or templates for use by groups of users, allowing for streamlined collaboration.

Easy, and intuitive data capture for projects and jobsites. Create your own data and then export the data to others. Collect data from selected parcels then store them on the secure server for later use. Create, process, and gather maps and data while in the field or on the go.

Use cases


A look at Wolf-GIS in action.

Style Your Data

Base Maps


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Geographic Information System

GIS is simply putting data, notes, and information over a specific map to make an informed decision, solve a problem, and track progress. GIS today is done through software, but one of the first instances of “GIS” occurred in 1854.

Dr. John Snow used data and overlaid that data on a map of London to solve the Cholera outbreak. He solved the problem using this original form of GIS to find out that the water in specific pumps was contaminated.

Typically, the data and mapping occurs on a desktop using computer software. Geography plays a major role in business, science, government, and a multitude of fields to solve problems.

Geography is comprised of endless layers of information. GIS organizes this data, for specific purposes, and this makes maps easy to read for a variety of people and use cases.

GIS Definition: A geographic information system (GIS) is a system designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present all types of spatial or geographical data.

GIS uses all the tools, maps, and data you need to analyze and understand how “location intelligence” can affect you and your business, thus providing the context to make better business decisions.

What is Wolf-GIS? Wolf-GIS has put GIS in the hands of mobile users. Anyone can use this system, and you do not have to be familiar with GIS.

Wolf-GIS APEX is GIS on the go. It has the ability to work in the field, at the desk, or on the road while storing your data on a server. Wolf-GIS has given the everyday person the ability to work in GIS.

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What devices do APEX Personal and APEX Pro use?
At least an iPhone 5S, iPad 2, or iPad Mini.

What is the difference between APEX Personal and APEX Pro?
Personal is intended for individual use, and does not include data sharing capabilities (QuickShare and Shapefile uploading), or the Tract-Lock function.

Do I need Wi-Fi or cellular connection to operate APEX?
No, while you do need an Internet connection via Wi-Fi or cell service to initially view your data, APEX allows you to cache the maps and data you need for off-line use in the field. It does require an Internet connection to complete the caching process.

If I purchase APEX Personal, can I upgrade to APEX Pro later?
You may change your subscription level, and your billing cycle (monthly vs. annually), at any time.

How do I make payments?
Payments are made automatically via your valid iTunes account. When you start your subscription, the first charge is made after the 30-day free trial, and will continue until you choose to end your subscription via iTunes. All management of your subscription account, once created within APEX, is through your iTunes account.

What information do I get when I buy parcels and does the pricing change the bigger the parcel?
The Feature Data associated with a property parcel shapefile will include all of the information the original creator of the shapefile chose to include.

Are there any locations that are limited and/or do not have parcel files?
Not all areas of the United States have chosen to create GIS-based property parcel file data, typically very rural or sparsely populated areas. Coverage of the country is over 80% and growing daily.

If I miss a payment or skip a month will I get to keep my old files when I log back in to Wolf-GIS?
Yes, we do not immediately delete a customer’s data because the subscription lapses. We will periodically perform such cleanup operations. If you plan to suspend your account, we recommend that you download your data from your Repository to your pc. Contact if needed.

Can Wolf-GIS customize the APEX app for me?
Wolf-Tek will personalize and/or add specialized functions to APEX for your specific needs. Contact Sales ( for more information.

Do other employees/friends need to buy the app in order to view files?
Yes, if you intend to QuickShare the data with them. You may also convert your data into standard GIS data files and share them, where they may be viewed with any desktop GIS platform.

Why do my maps take so long to load?
Poor Internet service may cause maps or files to download slowly. Maps are provided by companies that specialize in those services, via their servers. Wolf-Tek cannot control circumstances they may be experiencing, such as abnormally high traffic.

Why can’t I send a certain file in an email?
QuickShare, in the Pro version, allows you to email a complete Layer, including Notes and Photos, to a colleague. Given that various email services place some limit on the size of an email attachment, if there are too many photos attached, the email may be rejected. Please try removing unnecessary photos.

Where are my files stored?
Your data is stored in a password protected Repository on a secure server.

Does Wolf-GIS provide Cases for rugged field use of my mobile device?
Yes, please visit our store at to look through our tablet and smart phone cases.

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Wolf-GIS APEX Videos

Download Wolf-Direct

Wolf-Direct allows you to manage and process your shapefiles for use with the Wolf-GIS app available on both Android and iOS.

Wolf-Direct requires the Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5 to be installed. If you are unsure if it is installed, please visit the Microsoft Download Center and install the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5

Please select the appropriate installer for your PC or laptop:

Download Wolf-Direct 64-bit (v1.5.2.0)

Download Wolf-Direct 32-bit (v1.5.2.0)

The 64-bit installer is recommended, however 32-bit operating systems require the 32-bit installer.

If you are unsure of which installer is appropriate, then please select the 32-bit installer.

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